Sand Mining sediment – West Fork San Jacinto River is 25x above normal level of dissolved solids
San Antonio Vulcan Quarry @Loop 1604 / O’Connor Rd
Hwy 281 outside of Marble Falls (Burnet County)
Wheatcraft quarry operations along Guadalupe River in Center Point
Homes in Mayfield Ranch, a neighborhood north of Austin, share a fence line with a quarry in Georgetown on Tuesday, July 30, 2019. The quarry, owned by Edwin Brazelton Snead, has been in the area since 1958. Kent Snead, grandson to Edwin and third generation to work at the quarry, noticed homes beginning to approach the the fence line in 2011. “The idea was to quarry (the area) before the houses got in so we didn’t create a disturbance,” Kent said. “We established a relationship with the developer to let buyers know there was a quarry.” While the company continues to quarry away from the homes, the cliff is still an active quarry wall and has rock that is still available to be mined. “The quarry business is not a typical neighbor and so it’s easy to be vilified,” Kent said. [BRONTE WITTPENN/AMERICAN-STATESMAN]
Uncovered load on public road
Fugitive dust from aggregate mining road
Truck lost mixer on left turn
Truck with equipment (cover) failure
Overloaded truck on 2252 Garden Ridge – Fugitive Dust
20 ton load of aggregate dumped on Highway – truck left scene
Dump Truck runs stop sign and rams semi rock truck @ FM1863/FM3009
Windshield-breaking aggregate spilled on county road
Improperly licensed third party Class 8 truck loses load of sand in creek, potentially causing bridge damage.

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